Company proofreading


Proofreading and editing of business documents 


Accurate texts are your company’s calling card. Our team of translators, proofreaders, linguists and experts from various specialist fields will give your texts a thorough check through.

Proofreading and editing:  We will check and correct your spelling, grammar and punctuation. We will also check the logical structure of your texts and make suggestions for stylistic improvement, where appropriate.

In addition to proofreading and editing the style of texts, we check the layout to ensure your texts are presented clearly and coherently.

If you need a fast turnaround, we also offer companies a rapid delivery service (an express surcharge is payable). If you require our rapid delivery service, please call us on 032 323 22 66 before sending us the texts.

We would be happy to provide a quote. Please send us the text in question or simply call us.





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